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LinkedIn Profile Update: How to Stand out in Four Easy Steps

LinkedIn Profile Update: How to Stand out in Four Easy Steps

LinkedIn Profile Update: How to Stand out in Four Easy Steps

How to do a complete LinkedIn profile update. Because your business is based on virtual connections, a boring profile is not going to cut it.

LinkedIn is often dismissed as boring by professionals. Many are happy to put an old photo on their profiles, add a nondescriptive title and then forget about it for 16 more months. Recent research shows that over 80% of lawyers have not used LinkedIn to enhance their professional development. LinkedIn is still the most used social network for B2B business. According to the survey 68% of inhouse counsel use LinkedIn to network with colleagues, connect with outside counsel, and find professional and business-related information.

These are the Four Things Your LinkedIn Profile Should Have
It’s important to have Linkedin. A boring profile will not cut it in an industry that relies increasingly on virtual connections. You might feel intimidated if your profile hasn’t been updated in years. Your LinkedIn profile can be updated and changed as you go. It is possible to make changes gradually and keep it updated on an annual basis.

These are the four steps you can take to make your LinkedIn profile shine.

Start at the Top
Before you start to update your Linkedin network profile and build your network, here are some key areas. These areas will be your digital first impression.

Profile Photo
One chance to make a lasting impression. Start with your profile image. Do not upload a blurry, cropped iPhone picture taken at a cocktail party. Use your firm’s bio photo instead. If you don’t have one, get a professional photographer to capture a few headshots.

Here are some key tips and tricks:

DO use a professional shot.
Choose a photo that covers your entire head, neck, shoulders and back. This should fill about 60% of your circle.
Choose a photo that doesn’t show your face.
Do not use photos that include your spouse, your pet dog, or your children.
DO NOT use a photo you took with your iPhone.
DO NOT select a photo that was taken at a social event or party.
Even though it might seem unfair, people won’t take you seriously if you have a poor photo. You should invest in a professional, high-quality photo that represents your authority as well as your competence.

Your Background Photo
Your secondchance at making a good first impression is marked by the header image located at the top your LinkedIn profile. Do not trust LinkedIn’s default picture of a molecular system. This will make it look lazy and unfinished.

You can use these items to create background photos of high quality.

Your logo.
The county courthouse.
The skyline of your city, where you live or practice.
A scene relevant to your practice area. For example, if your practice is construction law, you might want to find a high quality stock image of a building site. You might also want to look at a beautiful image of a landscape if you are involved in maritime law.
Headline Description
Your headline statement is the first impression a connection has of you. It appears directly under your name. This is an important statement, because it tells your connections 1) who you are, and 2) how you differ from them. Do not simply list your position in this statement. Instead, express your values and mission in the way you describe your work.

Let’s use an example to illustrate: An estate planning attorney in a mid-sized law firm. Here are two different headline descriptions:

Description 1 Associate lawyer at Dewey Cheatem and Howe

Description 2. Attorney to help families plan for their futures and prevent conflict.

You now have to tell me which one is better.

We don’t know anything about the lawyer from the first description. A potential client looking for estate planning attorneys won’t find this person, as the description is vague. However, the second line of text is extremely descriptive and captures the attorney’s values. This tells clients, referral sources, and potential clients, exactly what he does.

Your tagline will make you shine. Don’t hesitate to express yourself! Use adjectives, be descriptive, and don’t be afraid of showing off a little. It will be a great asset to you, and the people that you serve.

Your Contact Information
The most missed opportunity is to leave your contact information empty. Make sure to include your phone number, email address and both. This will make it easy for prospects to contact you. They will soon lose you if they make too much effort to reach you.

Step 2 Tell Your Story
Now it’s time for your “About”, where you can polish your digital first impression. This section will allow you to show clients and potential referrals why is better than your competitors.

As you write this section, picture yourself at a party where someone asks you about your profession. Your “About” section should read as your answer:

It must be written in the first person
Use complete sentences.
Please include some notes about your unique qualities. How many cases have you handled? Are you certified in alternative dispute resolution techniques? Are you three decades old and have you worked in the same field for 30 years? Are you board-certified in the practice area?
Remember that this section is a section of your LinkedIn profile. The more information you provide — and more detail you include — the easier it will for someone to find you via an organic search.

Step 3 Share Your Experience
In your LinkedIn profile update, you should not just list your employers and positions in the “Experience” section. Think about what you would tell people at professional networking events: What did you in a particular position? What were your responsibilities? What unique contributions did you make?

You should think beyond the standard buzzwords diligence responsiveness , sound judgement, and diligence when listing your skills. People expect you demonstrate these skills. Nobody wants to hire an inept, lazy lawyer with poor judgment. People will not expect you to exhibit certain traits. Are you familiar with Six Sigma? Are you tech-savvy Do you know how to analyze a budget? You have completed diversity training Are you a time management expert? Are you an expert in time management?

Consider what gives you an edge in the market and identify these skills.

Step 4. Engage
Engaging with others will make your LinkedIn profile look old quickly. Regular activity will increase your searchability on any social platform. Engaged activity on LinkedIn can help build your reputation as an authority or thought leader. It allows you to engage through comments, connections, and shares. Additionally, it keeps you informed of industry developments and career moves made by your colleagues.

You might feel overwhelmed if you have already taken on too many tasks. But it doesn’t have to. LinkedIn engagement can be easy if you have clearly defined goals.

Keep in your field of expertise when sharing and curating content. Avoid content overload by only following pages and people relevant to your industry or practice area.
You should check your emails at least twice per week. To avoid being interrupted, set aside a time to reply to them.
Share content that you find valuable for your connections. Avoid topics that are incendiary or polarizing.
Connect with LinkedIn to forge relationships, drive meaningful discussion and bring in business
LinkedIn success is possible. Engage regularly to make the most of LinkedIn. Keep your profile updated regularly and engage in meaningful discussions. You will see the benefits of your incremental efforts in the form a new network, relationship, or business opportunity.

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