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Review Removal Service

We offer a guaranteed removal of reviews before we invoice you for payment or collect any fee from you.

  • We are so confident in our abilities and our extensive record of success that you, our client, do not even pay us until after the review is deleted. Although our success rate is extremely high, we can’t assure that every negative review can be taken down. A small percentage can’t and we don’t expect you to pay for something until or unless it’s achieved.

  • Once removed, we do require immediate payment as we have committed our resources in trust that our customers will pay timely. As much as we’d like to, we can’t guarantee removals of negative reviews in 100% of cases but we can guarantee that unless we do, we don’t get paid.

Your Online Reviews Are Important

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When Do We Remove The Post

The time it takes us to delete or remove a bad or negative review usually takes between 3 days and 45 days, depending on numerous factors.


If after 45 days the content has not been removed, you have the right to cancel with no obligation.

A good or bad review or rating for your business can mean the difference between extra or lost profits; even the success or failure of your business. As most businesses have discovered, before coming to us, it can be extremely difficult and almost impossible to remove Google reviews that are negative or other such bad reviews from almost all other ratings and review platforms. Your reasons or justifications, no matter how valid or correct, rarely seem to matter to them, or that you have been the victim of a fake, untrue, or incorrect review.


Businesses and the public have come to realize that to remove bad Google reviews, or to remove negative reviews from other platforms can be as difficult to do as it is harmful to their business and reputation for them to remain. Among the top concerns and frustrations of businesses today are how to delete a Google review; how to remove negative Yelp reviews; how to remove negative Glassdoor reviews from a disgruntled former employee; or how to remove negative reviews from Google search results or from other sites. With only the click of a button, one’s business can be crippled or destroyed by negative online reviews, regardless of how unfair, inaccurate, or inappropriate they are. We specialize in the complete removal of such harmful and defamatory reviews and is the solution that so many businesses, large and small, have needed.


Google: 45-55%

Yelp: 50% (Removed Completely OR Not Recommended)

Martindale: 60%

GlassDoor 60%


Indeed 50%

LawCrossing 30% 60%

Trustpilot 50%