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Workers’ Compensation Leads are workers who’ve been injured on the job and they need help getting benefits. Every lead is 100% exclusive and delivered immediately to the attorney once it’s generated through one of our landing pages.Workers’ Comp Leads can be delivered in your region. The larger the area where you can accept leads the more leads we can deliver to you. Leads can target any state or be national.


We get leads from workers who were hurt on the job and need to receive workers’ compensations benefits. But, they are wanting help from an attorney to assist them in applying for benefits. The bottom line is that they are looking to hire a local attorney to help them get compensation.

Some of the filter questions we include on our landing pages:

Workplace injuries are very common today–build your book of business immediately with our workers compensation leads!


We use several high quality methods to generate Bankruptcy Leads such as internet search results to send consumers to lead-generating websites. Once the consumer is on our bankruptcy website, those visitors then fill out a web submission form with basic information along with his or his consumer debt. Once this information is submitted through the web form, that information becomes a Bankruptcy Lead that gets sent in real-time to our client.


Last year, there were around 700,000 Chapter 7 filings, and over 200,000 Chapter 13 filings. As you can see, there are a lot of consumers that need a bankruptcy attorney to assist in filing for debt relief. Great Law Firm Leads can help build your book of business to connect you with new clients seeking your service for debt relief help.

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